Select Care Services provides a range of personal care services. All of our services are flexible, tailor made and personalised to provide person-centred care.

Personal Care can cover:

• Bathing, Showering, Strip-Wash

• Hair Washing/Grooming

• Applying Cream/Lotions

• Dressing, Changing into Night Wear

• Oral Hygiene

• Support With Shaving

• Assistance with Toileting, Including using a commode, bed, pan etc

• Changing Incontinence Pads

• Repositioning in Bed to Prevent Pressure Sores/Pressure Care

• Changing or Maintaining a Catheter and/or Stoma Bag

• Assisting/Administering/Prompting Medication and Apply Creams

• Assisting with Eating & Drinking/Fluid and Nutritional Care

Carers are trained to provide personal care so that they are discreet, sensitive and respectful, also enabling choice, dignity and independence at all times.

Personal care is built around an individual’s needs and personal routines. Care Plans are created with the individual and/or representative as required.

To discuss your needs and requirements in further details please contact us and speak to a member of the team.