Cake and Coffee Event for the Mind Charity

Robert Hall Baptist Church, Narborough road – Business to Business Jobs Fair

We attended a Jobs Fair to promote recruitment opportunities. The Business 2 Business Jobs Fair seeks to provide help whatever the requirements may be. This opportunity allows us as a recruiter to seek applicants on a wider platform from all different backgrounds.

The Jobs Fair was indeed very successful and generated a lot of interest for the role of a Care Assistant.

Dare to Dream Event – at the Valley Suites Hall, Leicester.

Staff attended the Dare to Dream Event.

The purpose for attending this event was to support the local charity Jasmine House- Leicester Rape Crisis. The event also provided the team with a valuable insight into the business journeys of a handful of inspiring local Leicestershire Women. It also provided Select Care Services with a platform to network and advertise the services in which we provide as well as highlighting the extensive recruitment opportunities available, to engage with the community.

The event was successful as the team learned various techniques to advertise the company’s brand, to market to the community and raising awareness of the various causes that we support.

Cup Cake Day For Alzheimer’s Society

A cupcake day was held to raise donations for the Alzheimer’s Society.

The funds helped people that are affected by Dementia, by giving support to funding research that would enable cures to be explored and to be tested.

Staff and the local community provided various delicious bakes for the cause and it was a fun and successful event. The amount raised was donated to the Alzheimer’s Society.